iPhone 7 Review

Iphone 7 review

Hi there..!!this is Hiren Patel.
in this Article, we will be doing the review for the iPhone 7 and I have been using this iPhone 7 Plus for almost 1 year now so I’ll be sharing my experience and I’ll divide this review between pros and cons. The things that I liked about this device and the things that I did not like about this device.
I won’t go in-depth regarding the physical overview and the other aspects.
I have also shot another Article regarding most common frequently asked questions.
So let’s jump between the pros and cons.
let’s first talk about the good things that are the pros
And the first immediate thing that I noticed with the iPhone 7 if I compare with the iPhone 6s as in terms of battery life
certainly the battery life on the iPhone
7 is much better compared to the iPhone
6s even at the end of the day I used to
usually have at least about between 20
to 25% of battery life with this iPhone
7 which was not the case with the iPhone
6s so the battery life has improved and
it can easily last me for a typical
working day I would say it’s very
difficult to calculate the screen on
time with iPhone 7 but definitely I
would say it easily gets about 42 of
about 50 minutes more screen on time
compared to the iPhone 6s now moving to
another new thing that I liked on this
iPhone 7 is that this one has proper
dual speakers item one speaker is here
and the europeís also acts as a speaker
so it gives you that stereo experience
and I have to say the sound quality is
usually improved compared to the iPhone
6s also now the iPhone 7 is water
resistant so if accidentally water falls
on it you don’t have to be worried about
the same and again still the 3d touch
functionality is there on this iPhone 7
and now Apple has sort of improved it
even more and I am one of those rate
person who appreciates that so that
functionality is still there we have a
new home button it’s not a button
it’s weird I’ll talk about that later
but now if we talk about the general
performance the general performance of
this iPhone is very good thanks to the
new 810 chipset that Apple is using now
this is a quad-core processor and I have
to say it is a very fast processor I
didn’t notice any lag whatsoever in
about two months of usage with the
iPhone 7 so certainly a really good
processor and now I feel the battery
life increased that we had noticing on
the iPhone 7 it’s thanks to this 810
processor because with the older iPhones
we just used to have dual-core processor
now it’s a quad-core processor the first
2 cores are powerful and the other 2
cores are low powered codes and I think
so those low power tools helped in
getting that great battery life that I’m
getting on the iPhone 7 now again in
respect to gaming the gaming performance
was also very good on this iPhone 7 no
issues regarding that I noticed the
phone gets slightly warmed with gaming
but nothing too hot I would say now next
thing I really liked and I think so this
is again a huge improvement on the
iPhone 7 is in respect to camera the
rear facing camera now has optical image
stabilization and the camera
performances has also increased a lot as
you can see in the sample shots the
pictures that I took casually came out
really good so the camera performance
has certainly improved with the iPhone 7
compared to the iPhone 6s now if we move
to the front-facing camera here I see a
huge improvement on this iPhone 7 it has
7 megapixel front-facing camera so the
selfies actually come out to be really
good on this iPhone 7 and they look very
natural I would say that’s a huge leap
compared to the older generations of the
iPhone in my Frank opinion the video
performance is also good but in terms of
video performance with the front-facing
camera it was a little bit picky I would
say you have to be careful regarding the
lighting otherwise the contrast levels
can be a little bit weird in fact I did
a video comparison between the galaxy s7
iPhone 7 and the pixels of smartphones
you can have a look at that if you are
interested in more about video
performance with the iPhone
seven next if we talk about the cellular
call quality I have no problems
recalling the cellular call quality and
the earpiece it’s loud and clear and the
other part is also said though that the
voice calls are very clear and I also
tested it with the reliance volt II and
it works perfectly fine with Reliance
volte so you don’t have to worry
regarding the same now another small
thing that I have noticed is that and
this is if you do a lot of video
I feel the audio pickup is one of the
best that I have seen on a smartphone
with this iPhone 7 in terms of audio
pickup the audio pickup was so good that
I in fact I shot some of the videos
exclusively on the iPhone 7 and I didn’t
have to use an external audio source for
example the honor in unboxing video and
even the FAQ video that I shot for the
one what’s that zu k z2 + was all
shorter with the iPhone 7 and the audio
was very good so again it’s a small
thing but if you record a lot of video
the audio pickup is actually really good
and it cuts down a lot of background
noise now let’s move to some of the
things that I did not like with this
iPhone 7 the first thing is regarding
this home button it’s actually not a
button and it’s having a taptic engine
and it tries to simulate the home button
and yes it has three different settings
you can keep it to light touch medium or
hard but it still does not feel like a
proper physical button in my Frank
opinion it always feels a little bit
weird and frankly I don’t know why Apple
went with this sort of arrangement
because the earlier physical button on
the iPhone 6 success were used to give a
lot better feel it works fine as you can
see even the fingerprint scanner is
really good as you can see but it just
feels weird it simply does not feel like
a real button my Frank opinion again if
we talk about the looks again if you are
expecting a very new radical design
that’s not the case it looks very
similar to the iPhone 6 or the success
in terms of the looks department and
again it’s still a very slippery device
so having a
case is a good thing in my opinion now
if we talk about the pricing again it’s
an iPhone and especially in India the
prices are high it starts with the base
variant now luckily with 32 gigabytes of
internal storage and that started
retailing for about 60,000 but as of now
I checked Amazon pricing just today
morning I’ll have the link in the show
notes the 32gb variant was available for
fifty eight thousand sadly we don’t have
any 64 gigabyte variant so you have to
opt for 128 or 256 if you want more
certainly a pricey phone in my opinion
and lastly I do not like the fact that
now the iPhone 7 does not have the 3.5
mm headphone jack yes you can use that
dongle that apple provides this is the
dongle to correct your 3.5 mm headphone
devices but again you have to carry this
and such a small cable that it can
easily get lost so yes the audio output
via this dongle is good no problems
regarding that but again this is one
accessory that you have to carry or
again use bluetooth based headset so I
frankly miss the 3.5 mm headphone jack
also another thing that I do not like is
that still the charger that is supplied
with the iPhone 7 is not a fast charger
it’s sort of a slow charger and it takes
when it was around 10% it takes almost 2
hours 15 minutes to charge so it’s
charging is actually pretty slow on the
iPhone 7 yes certainly you can use the
iPad chargers that charges it a little
bit faster but the supplied charger is a
very slow charger so are to sum it up I
would say it’s a evolutionary upgrade
the biggest upgrades I see with the
iPhone 7 if we compared with the iPhone
6s is in terms of speaker output and the
camera these are the two major things
that have improved in my Frank opinion
so I would say if you already have the
iPhone 6s and if you are sort of happy
with the same there is no need to
upgrade to the iPhone 7 but if you are
using older generations of the iPhone
then I feel the iPhone 7 might be a good
upgrade we know that next year in 2017
it will be the 10th anniversary for the
iPhones so there are a lot of high
expectations from Apple so again if you
can skip this generation skip that let’s
see what Apple does it 2017 I hope you
found this Article review helpful.
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