USB-C to Lightning Cable

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USB-C To Lightning Cable for iPhone and iPad

This USB-c to Lightning cable can Fast Charge your iPhone and iPad. It is made with high quality materials and it is perfect for use with your iPhone or iPad. You can use it to charge your devices quickly and easily.

You can charge your iPhone to 50% battery in just 30 minutes using an 18W or higher USB-C Wall Charger with Power Delivery.

The Amazon Basics USB-C to Lightning Cable has a reversible design that allows you to use the cable as a Lightning or USB-C cable.

A built-in magnetic clip makes it easy to keep on your desk or nightstand and a micro USB connector on the other end lets you charge your device.

The cable is designed to be durable and easy to clean. It has a high-quality construction, and is manufactured using solid copper and nickel-plated steel. The connector is made of zinc alloy for durability.

USB-C to Lightning Cable

10Expert Score

Best Ever Usb-c to lightning cable

1. Convenience
2. Durable and easy to clean
3. Lightweight and compact
4. No damage to the phone
5. High-quality construction
6. Magnetic connector clip
  • USB Type-C connection
  • Made of durable aircraft grade aluminum
  • Designed to be compatible with the new Apple chargers
  • This is the Apple MFi Certified Charging Cable for Apple devices.
  • The Apple MFi certified cable allows you to connect your Apple devices to any of the compatible Apple chargers.
  • The Apple MFi certified charging cable is certified by the MFi program and can be used to charge and sync your Apple devices.
8Expert Score
Best USB-c to lightning cable in canada (affordable)

1. The cable has no visible connectors and is much longer than typical cable. 2. This cable does not have any annoying light-up indicators on the back of the case. 3. It looks more durable than other cables I've used. 4. Can fit in a pocket without bunching up.

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13 reviews for USB-C to Lightning Cable

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  1. Amazon Customer

    Got this today only, here are the first impressions :- Build is solid and good, not best till date though but very good, much better than what comes with the iPhone box- iPhone 11 charging speed with 87W MacBook Pro charger(As per Apple any higher watt mac type c charger will work as the iPhone will take 18W max power only), Starting at 10% 23% in 6mins 31% in 10mins 50% in 22mins 60% in 28mins (Basically 50% rise in just 28 mins) 70% in 35minsSlows down a bit as it reaches around 80w Drawbacks from iPhone side :- Phone gets heated up pretty quickly- No way to tell if it is fast charging, just see the battery level and guessOverall a great buy!

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  2. Swapnil

    I have 2 PD-certified USB-C iPhone charging bricks, one UGreen and one Anker. Almost instantly using the UGreen brick I found this cable cutting out intermittently, thought it may be a problem with the brick (even though it works fine with my other cables), switched to using it with the Anker brick, which it seemed to get along with for a few days then the same issue came up, charging would cut in and out intermittently. I have an Anker USB-C to Lightning cable too and during this time my iPhone had no issues with that cable in either of the bricks. Will gie the benefit of the doubt that I just got a dodgy cable, but disappointed as I’ve found other AmazonBasics products to have a high standard of quality.

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  3. S. J. Turner

    I was pleased with the quality and connectivity of this wire, it is the Amazon Basics brand I usually buy, the one thing I struggled with was the smell, it had a toxic and paint like smell which didn’t smell right at all, even my friend commented on it. It felt like the material had been dyed and it was so strong.

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  4. Vaidik Shukla

    I have asked in twitter for best cable and most of the followers suggested this, so i go for it and surprisingly the cable supports fast charging if you will use 18w or more power adapter. If your iPhone battery 0 then it will charge 50% in just 25 to 30 min and when the change reaches to 85% then it will change 1% for 1 min. so overall i am satify with this cable and i will suggest 20w adapter for this.

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  5. Dr.

    Needed some longer cables to charge devices for lockdown homeschooling and these are perfect. The connectors on both ends are positive with extra protection around the cable joint to prevent careless use causing premature failure.No issues with data transfer or charging speed.Has had unintentional heavy handed treatment from the kids and survived without an issue. Would buy another in an instant if it were to fail or was lost.If you found this review useful, please consider clicking ‘Helpful’. Thanks

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  6. Monu

    Charging test performed on iPhone XS Max (Image) with Amazon Basics USB C to lightning cable using Zmi 45 watt USB C PD Charger

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  7. Anant Agrawal

    The media could not be loaded.  Hey Guys! After a lot of searching, i bumped into this cable cause my Apple cable has stopped working, Now i have made up my mind to buy a fast charger setup, Bought a Apple Original 20W Adapter and This Cable! Device:-iPhone XR! Cable is brilliant but it makes a Phone warm 🔥like a Iron!!.If you can spend better go with Apple’s Original Cable!.Otherwise its a brilliant option at 899!Size is same as apple cable!

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  8. Vaidik Shukla

    Length-1.8 mtr,,,Try to buy cable lenth 1 mtr or less bcoz 1.8 mtr is too longQuality-Quality of cable is great and the connectors used is also of great quality if u compare connectors quality with apple original cable then U will notice that connects are of same quality as original apple connectors.Cable strength is very very will not break anyhow.Charging-It charges well and supports 20watt apple adapter too.Overall it is a value for money product.U will not find any other cable better than this on amazon or any other site.

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  9. Dr.

    These cables are great, until they’re not. When they’re new they’re sturdy, feel well made and and reliable, I really rate them. But I’m lucky if I get 6 months out of one. This one is just over 4 months old and is now unusable, I’ve spent more on cables than on the devices in the first place. But I guess I’ll keep buying them because there’s no other choice.

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  10. Partha

    Bought a long cable so I could use my phone in bed while it charges. But the connection goes in and out constantly if I’m holding my phone and sometimes the unsupported accessory message flashes up. Annoying when you specifically choose something because it’s supposedly an Apple sanctioned product. All in all disappointing, but it does charge my phone when I’m not touching it

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  11. Amazon Customer

    It was delivered yesterday. Today I unboxed it and connected to my iphone. I left my iphone idle for charging for an hour. I made sure that the charger was plugged in, on, and the battery charging indication on the iPhone was shown. When I returned back, I saw that the iphone’s was showing that it was charging but actually was not! I left it for charging at 16% but after an hour it’s battery was 14% on charging! WTF is this. And also for the information, I was charging it with Apple’s 20W charger Adaptor. And it is clearly mentioned that the charger needs 18w or more power supply for charging. Now I can’t return it as I lost the box. If anyone has a solution please suggest me! Never buy amazonbasics products. Highly disappointed!

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  12. Monu

    I have been using this product for over two months now. Paired with an Apple original 20W USB-C power adapter, my iPhone 13 Pro is re-charged from about 10% to 95% in approximately 35-40 minutes. I haven’t observed any phone heating issues so far. I have taken this cable on a couple of outstation trips, and the result hasn’t varied much in areas with fluctuating power supply. The cable hasn’t been subjected to a lot of wear and tear but it appears sturdy enough to absorb occasional tensions and jerks in daily use.I can say it’s a decent product that gets the job done, and I can rely on the setup described above if my phone needs some juice at a short notice. The durability and sturdiness of the product can only be gauged in the long run, and I might re-visit this review after a year or so.

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  13. Prasanth kumar

    My original cable after 3 years just slowed down my charging time, I was looking at 2 hour charger time and sometime more till it charged no more. I was worried It was my battery not charging, until I purchased this product. Now my mobile is back to fast charging and the nylon thread is awesome.

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