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Step Up, Live More with the all new Mi Smart Band 4 which comes with a 39% larger, color AMOLED full touch display.


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Should you switch to MI SMART BAND 4??

Let’s talk what I really like about MI SMART BAND 4.

  • Here are the 12 purposes why I choose MI SMART BAND 4 over BAND 3.
  1. HugerΒ  battery, 135 mAH(Band 4) > 110 mAH (Band 3)
  2. Sharper and much brighter display.

  3. New sensors (3-axis accelerometer + 3-axis gyroscope).

  4. Now, We can switch ON and OFF existing alarms quickly from the band(Something I wish I had on my Band 3).

  5. Related to MI Band 3 (All for slightly extra money).Larger AMOLED Display 0.95 in(Band 4) > 0.78 in(Band 3) > 0.42(Band 2).

  6. Weather for current location(changes as you move), indicates area name as well on screen.

  7. 20-day battery is a promising figure, will experiment and update the review after eventually. But if you don’t connect it with a phone, or turn off alarms, it must last longer, if you use just as a watch.

  8. Custom wallpapers are the best feature I found, at first sensation, the menus and UI peeped like my old Band 3. But after forming custom wallpaper, the entire band is in the new level now.

  9. Modern AMOLED display is so elegant and honestly bright for outdoor.

  10. Unique music dominates (Volume, Track, Play/pause) functions well, but with a small delay.

  11. 50m waterproof almost like Band 3. I have seized my Band 3 under all terrible situations and never observed even fogging. Hope Band 4 also acts ruggedly.

  12. Charging time is less than Band 3, takes slighter then 2 hours.


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MI band 4

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Specification: MI Smart band 4







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EAN List Element: 6934177710391

Hardware Platform

Android 4.4/iOS 9.0 or above


Shenzhen Yecon Industry Co. Ltd


Shenzhen Yecon Industry Co. Ltd


Package Dimensions

Height: 100, Length: 740, Weight: 13, Width: 300



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Personal Computer

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Shenzhen Yecon Industry Co. Ltd


Shenzhen Yecon Industry Co. Ltd


Mi Smart Band 4 (Black)

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7 reviews for MI Smart band 4

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  1. Sai Krishna Kondayagunta

    If you have a Mi band 3 don’t upgrade! There is no big difference except for color display and music control. I returned the product because the adapter which they are giving to charge the tracker is too bad! I felt frustrated to adjust the tracker on that adapter. It can easily come out of it. At least for the next version they have to provide USB charging! Overall I recommend this band for those who are using Mi band 2 or Hrx Edition!

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  2. The Honest Guy

    I have been using a Mi Band 3 already. So this is like an upgrade for me. Here is my review based on first few days usage. Will update the review again after a months usage to include other things like battery backup.———- Pros ———-# New AMOLED display is so beautiful and fairly bright for out door# New music controls (Volume, Track, Play/pause) works really well, but with a small delay# Custom wallpapers is the best feature i found, at first sight the menus and UI looked like my old Band 3. But after setting custom wallpaper the whole band is in new level now# 50m waterproof just like Band 3. I have taken my Band 3 under all worst conditions and never observed even fogging. Hope Band 4 also acts rugged# 20 day battery is a good figure, will test and update the review after sometime. But if you don’t connect it with phone, or turn off alarms it must last longer, if you use just as a watch# Weather for current location(changes as you move), shows location name as well on screen———- More pros – Compared to MI Band 3 (All for little more money) ———–# Larger AMOLED Display 0.95 in(Band 4) > 0.78 in(Band 3) > 0.42(Band 2)# Can turn ON and OFF existing alarms directly from band(Something i really wish i had on my Band 3)# Tempered glass top# New sensors (3-axis accelerometer + 3-axis gyroscope). Well, i am not sure what its for# Sharper and much brighter display# LargerΒ  battery, 135 mAH(Band 4) > 110 mAH (Band 3)# Screen guards can be applied due to broader face# Charging time is less than Band 3, takes less than 2 hours———- Cons ———-# UI could have been better, on such a beautiful screen, the current themes look bad# Weather could have been added to home screen, Band 3 has it# Could have added a switch to turn on high brightness for outdoor usage, because if you set brightness to 4(full) always it’s really bright for indoors, but ideal for outdoors.# The step counter is too inaccurate. Like any other brands this band also counts too many false steps. By the time i reach office in my car it shows me 1.5 KM or more, but actual walk is less than 0.5 KM. So better forget this feature———- Other Features ———-# Lift hand to turn on display# Sleep monitor# Call and Message Notifications# MI App comes with lot of features compared to other brands# Find my device is very usefulWhether you should buy it? Yes, yes, yes. Go for it. Even if you are not a fitness freak, this band is quite useful for Call, SMS and Calendar notifications. Especially while driving, you don’t need to pickup the phone to cancel or mute the call. And you can’t ask for anything more for what you pay.Other alternativesIf you are ready to shell out more, you can checkout Amazfit Bip or Amazfit Verge lite models.And as usual, Amazon delivered my Band superfast, in two days.

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  3. amit ola

    Very good product 👌👌👌…

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  4. Sahana


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  5. Pravin shukla

    I love this band and best features

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  6. Deepanshu sharma

    I removed my band and put it on bed and then i started measuring heart rate and band show me reading every time time it shows different reading no matter you wear it or not

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  7. Sameer Patil

    NOTE:@ Music control feature can be used to Control the music of default as well as 3rd party [email protected] Straps of MI band 3 also fit this MI band 4 [email protected] Has awesome battery backup of 20+ days ( check the review for Detailed Battery backup )@ Though there’s sleep tracking feature in this band, but there’s NO Sleep tracker TAB to view data on Band itself in Indian version as well.UPDATE ( 29/09/2019 ) – Honor band 5 now has got SpO2 & Music control feature via firmware update. So now honor band 5 has better edge over MI Band 4 and only plus point MI band 4 has now is better battery backup. So I would now recommend buying Honor band 5 rather than MI band 4, as honor is more accurate. Still if you want to buy MI band 4, then you can read the rest of Original review.UPDATE ( 27/09/2019 ) – There’s addition of a 4 Digit Screen Lock. Which is automatically activated when the band is removed from the wrist and you will need to enter that set code to unlock. And in case you forgot the code, then you can turn it off via app by pairing with the band.Honestly, I don’t understand why even such feature is pushed to the band, its useless according to me. Instead, adding more exercises and day-time sleep tracking would have being more practically helpful to users !This is very long review divided into 3 parts namely, Quick Overview, Full Detailed review and Comparison of it with Honor Band 5. So if you are really looking to invest 2300 rupees, then I highly advice to read it completely, to ease your decision.●● If you want to get quick overview of the device, then read below else scroll down for Detailed Review ●●# The Screen is Full Touch Coloured AMOLED with 2.5D slightly curved at the edges.* Brightness is Adjustable.* It is prone to shatter if falls on face.# Has awesome Battery backup of 20+ days on normal usage and upto 12+ days on Heavy use.# Its very Light weight and compact.# The Strap is extremely comfortable and also replaceable.* This time MI have improved the strap design by giving deeper grooves, which will avoid accidental fallouts.# Has Full Whatsapp, Instagram, Message, Call, etc Notification alerts.# Music control feature can be used to Control the music of default as well as 3rd party apps.# Updates are not very Frequent.# Connects to both android and iOS, without any problem.# Has Customizable watch faces via default app and 3rd party installation is also possible.# Watch interface is Clean and easy to use.* But there’s NO sleep tracker TAB on the band. For that you have to use App.# Has averagely accurate built-in Continuous Heart Rate monitoring and Sleep Tracker and Highly accurate Pedometer.# It is swimming safe as well, but touch panel is useless once water touches the screen.* You will have to dry wipe the screen for proper touch functioning.# Charging dock is different from MI band 3, so NO interchangeability.# Finally its affordable.Full Detailed Review :–● DESIGN ●————-# It have slim profile and 0.95″ 2.5D display surrounded by black bezels perfectly blends in.# It is extremely Light as well.# It has Circular Touch sensitive Touch button, which is almost invisible.* But its NOT Home button. It is just back button, which is not very handy.# It has 2 pin contact charging dock facing down, still the capsule needs to be taken off from the straps for charging !# Finally Quality of the strap is same as previous versions and feels comfortable.* Except the grooves on straps are deeper now, which avoids accidental fallouts of capsule module.● DISPLAY ●————–# It sports 0.95″ AMOLED Colour display which gives crystal clear output ( same as Honor band 4 & 5 ).# The display module is Rectangular with Vibrant colours and Bright Light (Adjustable upto 3 Levels).# Its very responsive and has good readability even in direct sunlight as well.● FEATURES ●—————-It has 6 Main modes namely Daily activity tracker, Heart Rate sensor, Workout, Weather, Notifications and More (settings)# In Activity tracker, complete pedometer and calories details of the day are mentioned.* Its 95% accurate according to my usage.# In Heart rate sensor, you can quickly check the heart rate and it displays it in continuous manner for few seconds before it stops.* Its very SLOW heart rate tracker and NOT very accurate as well.* You can even set heart rate tracking on Continuous mode from the app.# This band has Sleep tracking feature, but NO sleep tracker data TAB on band itself.* To check the data you need to use the app.* It DOES NOT tracks the day-time sleep data.* Its decently accurate sleep tracker.# In Workout mode, there are many in-built modes like walking, running, swimming, free exercise, Cycling and treadmill.* There’s NO GPS in the band, but you can track your session with GPS if connected with phone while that session.* Note that, you don’t need to carry you phone while workout session, if you don’t need GPS data.* There’s continuous heart rate tracking in any workout mode.# In weather tab, you get to see the current day weather of your location.* There’s also full week’s forecast in it.# In Notification option, you can check all your smartphone notifications when connected to it.* It supports phone message, whatsapp messages, etc. And you can read the complete message.* It also supports call notifications, which has call Rejection and Silent option as well.* You also get direct notification and sedentary alerts on band without needing to check the message option.# In MORE, there are various micro settings and more features like Timer, stop watch, Watch faces, Reboot, etc.* Its very thoughtful to put extra settings or feature in the more option, so as to keep the interface clean.● Watch Faces ●——————# There are out of the box 3-4 watch faces on the band.# Using the MI Fit app you can choose from more than 50 watch faces.# It also supports 3rd party watch face installation, which is a charm.● Music Control ●——————–# This is very useful feature when you are in workout session and listening to music on phone.# NOTE that, you can connect your MI band 4 & BT headset at the same time.# This feature can be used to control music playback of your PHONE ONLY.* There’s NO music storage option on the band.# It works with default as well as 3rd Party music streaming apps as well.● BATTERY PERFORMANCE ●———————————# It charges quite quickly from 0 to 100, within an hour.# With band not connected to bluetooth, not in continuous HR mode lasts more than 20 Days.( OFFLINE MODE )# With Bluetooth connected and Continuous HR mode, it lasts upto 15-18 Days.# If Fitness app is used for about a hour or more with REM Sleep ON, then it lasts upto 12 Days max.* I prefer to keep it bluetooth mode all the time and continuous HR mode, but Don’t turn the REM sleep ON,by which I easily get upto 15 days of backup with 1 hour of workout mode used 6 days a week.●● CONS ●●————–# There’s NO option to set screen lock time. Its fixed to 5 second and that’s quite less.# Only 4 watch faces can be stored in Band, though band supports tons of faces via app.# Heart Rate sensor is very slow in tracking and not very accurate.# There serious Connectivity issue. Bluetooth only works when MI Fit app is ON.# Can’t view Detailed Sleep tracking on the band itself. You will need the companion app for that.# To Turn the band ON every time, you need to connect charging dock to it.●● COMPARISON with Honor Band 5 ●●———————————————-1. Design section -Honor band is more attractive than MI band due to its Curved display, when it comes to looks.Winner – Honor Band 5.2. Display section -Display of Honor band is slightly more brighter than MI band 4.Touch response is Better on MI band 4. Honor band has Laggy interface.Winner – MI Band 4.3. Pedometer & Workouts -Pedometer accuracy is almost same on both the bands.But there are twice as many workout modes on Honor band compared to MI band.Winner – Honor Band 5.4. HR Sensor -Heart rate sensor is 3 times more faster and highly accurate in Honor band 5 compared to MI band 4.* There are blackouts in Continuous HR measurement in MI band at times.Winner – Honor Band 5.5. Sleep Tracker -Sleep tracker of Honor band is undoubtedly much more accurate.Honor band also measures day time data, which isn’t available on MI band 4Winner – Honor Band 5.7. Battery Backup -Battery backup is indeed better on MI band, almost double compared to honor band 5.Winner – MI Band 48. Accessories -Replacement straps are easy to access on MI band and finding spares is also easy compared to honor band.Winner – MI Band 49. Features -Features are even matched on both the bands.But Honor Band now has SpO2 sensor after update.Winner – Honor band 5 (*after update).10. Price -Almost same ( *after update )Winner – Both●● VERDICT ●●—————–In real world, if you are looking ONLY for Accurate fitness band, then Honor band should be your choice.If you are looking for style, features & customization, then MI band should be your choice.I personally think, if you are normal consumer like me and just need a decent fitness band, which can track your activities and give you rough estimates with awesome battery backup, then certainly go for MI Band 4.For those already owning MI Band 3, don’t even have 2nd thought, this is worthy upgrade.Hope this helps you make sound decision.

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