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Hello, 👋 I am Hiren Patel, and today I am happy to publish that PricePacific crossing over, 25k monthly users and this made PricePacific Surat’s number One cashback website.

Surat's number one cashback website 2


With 25000 users and 45000+ visitors from several countries gave rise to PricePacific number One cashback website Of Surat city.

Online shopping becomes the latest trend today; 

You can get pretty much everything with the power of online shopping. You don’t need to go out to buy any products. You can find everything on the internet.

You can Purchase the smallest Pin online, phones, grocery, home appliances or even House.

There Are Roughly Twelve- Twenty-four Million online Stores available on the internet in 2020.

Each small store publish an average of 200+ Products daily.

So acquiring the best product from it, Stands A complicated task.

On PricePacific, I review electronic products so that you can quickly get your desired product without any hesitation.

On PricePacific you can not only browse product review, but you can compare the price of products. Also, you can set the lowest price tracker so you will get the notification when the price falls under your desired budget.

“It’s not Your salary that makes you rich. It is your spending habits.”

Have you read the above quote? 

Spending money on the right product is always my goal. And what if we can save a small amount while purchasing those products? I thought of it and started providing additional cashback on products when you buy from the PricePacific.

Not just cashback I also provide exclusive coupons to the PricePacific users so they can save more.


Previously, I don’t have any system that provides automatic cashback. Hence, I send cashback manually. Then after, in this Covid-19 pandemic, I have developed an entirely new system that will give automatic cashback to registered users.

Apart from cashback, I will start a healthy eating series soon where you find how can you stay fit with the latest home appliances, I will provide a full guide on it. 

however, I am sharing small achievement but it is worth to celebrate small happiness so we can achieve next big milestone.

To take full advantage of Cashback, coupons and series prefer to register on

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