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It is Samsung Galaxy S20 not S11

Yes, You heard that right in 2020, Samsung skipped the name S11 and kept it Samsung s20, Samsung Galaxy S20+, and Samsung Galaxy Ultra.

Samsung galaxy s20

Don’t worry, Samsung. Apple also skipped 9 Series of iPhone.

Samsung kept this name for a reason.

The Name is Samsung galaxy s20 because of the current decade, and Samsung s11 is also tricky and lengthier to speak In many languages.

Samsung galaxy s20 features

Now, let’s talk about features,


Samsung galaxy s20

Apart from changing  names the display and camera features are also changed to these Samsung upcoming phones.

Based on the latest leaks, The Samsung Galaxy S20 display is much bigger than the Last Samsung phones.

Samsung Galaxy S20 predicted to emphasize 6.2” inch Display, Samsung galaxy s20 plus display size is predicted to 6.7” inch, and Samsung Galaxy S20 ultra The display size is 6.9” inch.

The refresh rate of the Samsung Galaxy S20 is 120Hz 

Samsung Galaxy s20 Camera

Samsung galaxy s20 camera

Samsung galaxy s20 empowered with 108-megapixel camera with periscope zoom.

This is what Samsung will come up with now let’s see what apple will plan about the year 2020.

Apple may have stand to chance if iPhone still has a notch in the display? 

Is There any competition between Apple iOS and Android?

Is Samsung s20 is crazy?? What do you think?

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