7 Tips About How To Buy Mobiles in 2020

7 Tips About How To Buy Mobiles in 2020

Hayoo! I am Hiren Patel and today I will talk about how I find best phones around internet, which things i keep in mind while buying smartphone.

smart phone buying guide

By Hiren Patel

There are plenty of mobile brands and models available in the market. Also, there are many online/offline shops available, and every store has a different price for a single phone.

Choosing one of them is a kind of hard task. But we make it simple.

When one of my friends ask me about the suggestion of a mobile phone. I response to him by asking what the purpose of buying a phone.
I asked them just because different persons have different purposes for buying a new phone.

Some friends of mine love taking selfies. Some of them like gaming, some of them like big displays to watch videos or doing business kind of work.

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Before we get started let's connect

Display of phones:

#Tip 1:

If you love one hand use of your phone then prefer display smaller then 5.6” Inches.

If you love watching videos and games then consider buying big display phones.

Operating System:

#Tip: 2

Once the purpose is precise, I proceed to the next by my self.

When I research the phone, I asked myself, should I buy IOS or Android?
The answer I got is IOS is clear, scalable, secure, and easy to use while another side, android provides many flexibilities. I can download anything effortlessly from the internet.


#Tip: 3

Now, It’s time to choose a model from these two Operating Syastems. Let’s say I prefer android. Then there are still many choices are available on the internet.

So, how can I filter out my desire phone?

First of all, I choose the budget because money is essential to all of us.
For instance, Let say my budget is around 20000INR to 25000INR.

Then, I connect to the online app. In the app, I proceed to a mobile category, hit on the filter button, and then I enter my budget there.

I Check different online stores, because not all online platforms has a same price of single product.

Umm..finding best price is kind of terrible task?

Don’t worry that’s why I am here, I analyse price of single product for you from all different online stores and provides you best rate among them.

Check below phones for example.

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Here’s What People Are Saying About Redmi K20 Pro Blue
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Samsung galaxy note 10+ specifications and price
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#Tip: 4

After This, Let us procced for RAM of the phone.

Which RAM size should you prefer?

RAM stands for random access memory that stores your app data temporary.

Highest the RAM size the more data it will store.

Insignificant Use: 2GB RAM(Not recommend in 2020)

Moderate Use: 4GB RAM
Pro Use: 6GB & above

Bigger ram size is necessitated for multitasking. You can run several apps at the same time.


#Tip: 5

Choosing right processor is vital thing for us. 

The processor is the heart of our smartphone.

4 companies which are manufactures the processors.

    1. Qualcomm(Snapdragon)
    2. Mediatek(helio)
    3. Samsung(Exynos)
    4. Nvidia

Most Popular Processors:

Number 1
Qualcomm(Snapdragon) 93%
Number 2
Samsung(Exynos) 90%
Number 3
Mediatek(helio) 72%
Number 4
Nvidia 68%

The company called ARM renders the structure of these processors.
Choosing the Right processor is vital. So, how can we choose the right processor?
This process depends on 4 terms.

  • Architecture

As I mentioned above, the company called the ARM render processor’s structure.

ARM designs are getting better Day by Day. First released was cortex A5, then A7 and then A11, A59.

So, you think, what does that all mean? 

Just keep in mind that the highest number has a better design of the processor.

For example, Cortex A59 is better than A57 and A11 is better than A7.

  • Technology

Secondly, which technology used to design these processors?

There are many transistors deployed in processors. The smallest transistors have better performance and use less power.

So, what that 4 companies do is they can make these transistors bigger or smaller according to their needs. 

Samsung made the smallest transistors, and the size of these transistors is 14nm.

Qualcomm transistor size is 20nm, mediatek 26/28nm.

Processor efficiency and speed are better with the smallest transistors. 

#Choose small number of transistors. 14nm is better than 20nm processor.

  • Cores:

What are cores?

For example, just imagine I am a processor, and my mouth is a core, and I want to eat pizza as much as I can. (because I love pizza) 

But with the one mouth, I can not eat 2 pieces of pizza at once. I need another mouth for that. So, I can consume 2 pieces at once.

Cores do the same thing.

Some processor has the quadcore that means this processor has 4 mouths.

Some processor has octa-core that means it has eight mouths.so, it can complete task much faster than quad-core processors.

Cores are nothing but the mouth of a processor which can obtain one or many jobs as per processor efficiency and complete the task with its multiple cores.

  • Frequency(GHz)

You may know about GHz. This is a 2.0 GHz processor. This is a 1.0 processor.

Keep in mind that you have to select the highest GHz frequency.

First, look architecture, second check technology, check numbers of cores, then check frequency.

#Tip: 6

Please keep in mind here, if you choose Octa-Core processor and processor technology is greater than 26/28nm than processor will not render best output.

if you choose octa-core processor than choose technology minimum as possible.


#Tip: 7

Here is my last and final tip. How to choose battery.

Batteries that containing 2500-3500mAH Should last 7-8 Hours in Normal use but if you play heavy games such as Asphalt then it will last 4-5 Hours

Same, If Battery contains 3500-4000mAH Should last 8-9 Hours in Normal use and if you play heavy games such as Pubg then it will last 5-6 Hours


Hope you will find this how to buy mobile guide helpful. If you have any query comment it down. I will reply you as soon as possible.

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