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PricePacific is India’s leading price comparison, Cashback, and Review website. PricePacific analyzes over 12 or more online stores for a specific product and gives you the best rate of that product.


Furthermore, Users can also track the price Of the product.


Users can use coupons to get additional discounts.


Any concerns and queries are always welcome.

We’ve to give honest opinions about any product with only one goal.

”Users obtain what they want in a reasonable price and best Quality.”

Just send us a message, and you will get an impartial review Of your product. Try us once and you will.

  • We will reply to you within 60 mins.
  • We will evaluate your product through the internet. Then we will generate an overall report that contains the highest price, Lowest price,  Price summary, Goods & bads
  • Once everything clear, then you can order that product.
  • Let’s chat ❤️
  • Find us on Instagram: @pricepacific 

When you require our assistance, PricePacific unfailingly stand with you. Forget that uncertain, dishonest circumstances that you pass through. Spending moment on PricePacific is worth it.

You get our gratitude and assistant for life.

Yes, PricePacific is entirely free to use.

We may get a commission when you buy something from PricePacific. We will use those funds to operate PricePacific

Getting cashback is easy on PricePacific.

  1. You need to register on PricePacific.(so that we can give the amount of cashback in your account)
  2. Browse through your product.
  3. Buy products through PricePacific.

That’s It 😊


You can register yourself with PricePacific by clicking here.


PricePacific compare button


  • You can compare side by side comparisons by clicking on compare compare button.


  • With the price alert function of PricePacific, you can stalk the price from your desired product. If you turn on price alerts for a particular product, you will get instant notification when the price is dropped.
  • You can set price alert easily by proceeding through your product, find ”set lowest price alert.” And Enter an email.
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