CoronaVirus Cases India


Global cases of Coronavirus​

[corona_statistic_together width=”100%” title=”Worldwide Statistic” section_bg=”” title_color=”#fff” text_color=”#fff” cases_bg=”#AED6F1″ deaths_bg=”#C70039″ recovered_bg=”#48C9B0″ ]

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Global CoronaVirus cases Map

You can move to your country by using two fingers.
also, locate your city on the map and click on your city name to check your city coronavirus cases statistics.

If you need help to understand Map, then click on ”?”. It will deliver you all The essential details.

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Confirmed Cases And Deaths By Country (Table)


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Total Cases In India:

[corona_ticker countries=”India” ]

[corona_country_statistic country=”India” width=”100%” section_bg=”” title_color=”#fff” text_color=”#fff” cases_bg=”#76448A” deaths_bg=”#C70039″ recovered_bg=”#48C9B0″ ]

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Corona Vaccine Update

Gujarat is proud of scientists at Gujarat Biotechnology Research Centre (GBRC), the only State Govt laboratory in India that has reported COVID19 whole genome sequence which will be helpful in tracking origin, drug targets, vaccine & association with virulence.


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Prime Minister Narendra Modi of India extended a nationwide lockdown by nearly three more weeks until May 3, preven…

Prime Minister Narendra Modi will address the nation at 10 AM tomorrow

Prime Minister Narendra Modi will address the nation at 10 AM tomorrow...
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Self Care Guide

CoronaVirus Cases India 1
Please stay safe, Stay Home

can coronavirus be cured?

You can recover from this virus but there is no specific procedure for coronavirus

Can coronavirus spread through the air?

No, CoronaVirus is not Airbourne said by WHO(World Health Organization)

can coronavirus spread through food

That depends; coronavirus can be Transmitted Via Droplets Transmission. If somebody coughs or sneeze on your food it will definitely make you sick.

Can coronavirus survive hot weather?

YES, By the report of WHO, This virus can survive and transmitted in Hot and Humid Areas

[wppress-covid19 display=”card” country=”India” custom_title=”no” card_animate_number=”yes” show_pie_chart=”no” show_daily_change=”no” show_confirmed=”yes” show_deaths=”yes” show_recovered=”yes” show_active=”yes” confirmed_legend=”Confirmed” deaths_legend=”Deaths” recovered_legend=”Recovered” active_legend=”Active” padding=”30px 20px” border_radius=”5″ background_color=”#FFFFFF” title_color=”#333333″ confirmed_color=”#5082c7″ deaths_color=”#d04b5a” recovered_color=”#4caf50″ active_color=”#e38b4f” title_font_size=”24″ stats_font_size=”16″ legend_font_size=”20″ /]

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