In this post, We will see which phones are launch in 2019, and by looking at all phones, We will pick which one is the best phone of 2019.

Our Theme is simple.

In case if you are new here, We will share information differently. If you read this post, you feel like you are reading a conversation between a friend that asks about which phones are launch in 2019.

Today I am sharing chat conversation with Raghu Thakre, and This man is from Mumbai, Maharashtra.

He is asking for which phones are launch in 2019. do you have a list of those phones?

So, Let’s begin convo.

Hi. PricePacific, I am Raghu Thakre,

Howdy. Raghu Thakre, How may I help you?

I’ve viewed your Help page on Twitter that you assist individually?

Is that true?

Yes, that’s correct. We give information about the technical kind of stuff.

Do you help me too?

Yes, Why Not. Share your doubts.

Are there any charges I have to pay?

I asked because I’m not able to pay any charges.

Don’t worry..

It’s totally free. You don’t have to give any charges.

That’s great. I want to ask about 2019 phones

Yes, Go ahead.

Which are the Best phones of 2019?

There are various phones available on price pacific 

which could be easily considered as the best phone.

Do you need information about Apple phones or Android?

I need information about both operating systems.

Okay, Let me send you entire list of phones

Thank You.. 🙂

I will send you List Brand wise. 

You can simply click on phone name to obtain more information,

Okay, I got you.

Oneplus launched two phones in 2019

One phone by Oppo

There are many phones launched by Nokia in 2019

and this Nokia 9 PureView 

Nokia 9 PureView comes with 5 camera set-up.

6GB RAM and 128GB storage.

Tell me about Samsung phones.

Sure, There are Eight phones launched by SAMSUNG

Phww….!! Many phones by Samsung.

And what about MI Phones and Realme Phones.

Umm, hold on, let me see

No Issues. 

Okay, So in Realme, there are 3 phones launched in 2019.

Is Realme and Oppo both Brands are same?

Oppo launched sub-brand called Oppo Real in 2010 but then after Realme spun off in 2018.

ohh…I don’t know about that.

according to you which brand is best followed by MI, Oppo, Vivo?

I think MI is the best brand then Oppo and Vivo.

Okay, I also think same. You forget about Apple

Apple launch 2 phones this year right?

Yes, You are right

Ohh.. 2019 was big year for Mobile Industry.

Yeah, awesome year it was.

Wow, Thank You for your precious time. I really appreciate your help.

Anytime, Keep visiting Price Pacific

With your permission can I post this chat on our Site?

Various others need to know about this topic.

Of course, You don’t need to ask.

Thanks, Please share your location where you live. not required full address, Just City name

I am from Mumbai, Maharashtra

Okay, We will post this soon. Have a Happy New Year

Same to you. See ya

Best phone of 2019.

Hello guys, I hope you like this Tech conversation with Raghu Thakre, If you have any doubts about phones or any tech-related questions you can Message us on Instagram.
Now It’s time to announce winner phones.

The best phone award goes to Oneplus 7 PRO and Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus.

Samsung Note 10 Plus

  • Next-Level Power
  • A Gaming Console
  • movie-tech camera
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